Cyrus Homes


The Environment

Housing has a significant impact on the environment with UK households accounting for 27 per cent of the total CO2 emissions made. On average in Britain, £1 in every £3 spent on energy in the home is wasted. Which is why at Cyrus Homes we strive to make sure our developments are environmentally sustainable, meaning our homes are kind on the environment and financially better for our home owners.

Cyrus Homes ensure that environmental considerations are incorporated at the earliest possible stage into the planning and design of all of our developments. We also ensure that the landscapes we design and ultimately create, integrate with and enhance the surrounding natural and built environment.

Within our developments and business activity we are continually looking to reduce our environmental and social impacts by using the Building Research Establishment's EcoHomes rating scheme, in advance of the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes.

EcoHomes is an authoritative rating for new homes which we set as the standard for all our developments. It sets out a series of best practice criteria, against which the environmental aspects of building design and operation can be assessed. Schemes are rated on the basis of 'Pass', through to 'Good', 'Very Good' and 'Excellent'.

EcoHomes considers the broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use, impact on wildlife and balances these against the need for a high quality of life, together with a safe and healthy internal environment. In addition it offers new home owners the benefits of reduced costs through superior energy and water efficiency as well as comfortable, healthy and flexible internal living spaces. It therefore helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn safeguards the environment.

Efficiency and Eco friendly features of a new Cyrus Home

• Excellent insulation and the latest energy saving devices, meaning our homes have lower running costs compared to traditional homes allowing for a more eco-friendly way of living. (According to the BRE, The average new home today is 6.5 times more energy efficient than a 1970’s built home).

• Green roofs which allow our homes to reduce heat loss by being better insulated and the use of ultra-low maintenance organic plants not only reduce the visual impact (keeping your neighbours happy), they also ensure the area taken by your eco-space continues to give something back to the environment, by improving air quality amongst other features.

• Locally sourced and sustainable materials help make construction of our sites environmentally friendly.